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Isnin, 10 Disember 2012

14 Most Effective Communication Techniques

14 Most Effective Communication Techniques

According to various surveys, about 85% percent of success in life is directly related to the ability to communicate and build relationship skills.

This indicates that no matter how ambitious someone or how much they overcome their fears or how high the level of education, they still have a low probability to go further in their lives without effective communication skills required in dealing with people.

Communication and Success

And when I say relates to people, this is certainly not the people who naturally have similarities with your character, because it deals with people it does not require much effort or ability to communicate.

I'm referring to the people that you like, but you often find it difficult to build a relationship with them because you are not sure what you are going to say or do.

It takes skill to expand the relationship of a small circle of people where you are currently heading a large circle of people you will meet. Such skills are guaranteed to catapult your success in life.
Develop your communication skills

If you try to connect to a circle of people bigger, you need to ask 5 questions to yourself:
- Do you find similarities between you two?
- Do you make them feel comfortable?
- Do you make them feel understood?
- What is your relationship with clearly defined?
- Do they feel positive emotions due to interact with you?

To answer these questions, you should consider the following explanation ......
14 Effective Communication Skills

1. Give the impression that you are keen to talk to them - Give them the impression that you'd rather talk to them than anyone else on this earth. When you give them the impression that you are very keen to speak with them and that you care about them, you make them feel more positive and confident. They will be more open to you and are very likely to have a deep conversation with you.

2. Ask questions about their interests - Ask open-ended questions that will get them to talk about their interests and their lives. Dig as much detail as possible so that it will help them gain a new perspective on themselves and their purpose in life.

3. Adapt to their body language and feelings - Feel how they are feeling at this point by observing body language and tone of voice. From this vantage point, you can customize the words, body language, and tone of your voice so that they will respond positively.

4. Show a sense of approval: Tell them what you admire about them and why - One of the best ways to immediately connect with people is to be honest and tell them why you like or admire them. If the states are directly felt quite right, try the indirect statement. Both approaches can be equally effective.

5. Listen attentively to everything they say - Do not get too focused on what you're going to say next while they talk. Instead, listen to every word they say and responlah relevant as possible. This shows that you are really listening to what they say and you are fully engaged in the atmosphere along with them. Also be sure to ask every time there is something that does not understand the things they say. You certainly want to avoid any deviations that may occur in communication if you want to develop a relationship with that person entirely.

6. Give them a prolonged eye contact - strong eye contact to communicate to others that you are not only captivated by them and what they say but also shows that you can be trusted. When done in moderation, they are also going to assume you believe in yourself because of your willingness to meet them in person. As a result, people will naturally pay more attention to you and what you say.

7. Express yourself as much as possible - One of the best ways to get someone adalahdengan confidence to express themselves openly as possible. Tells of an interesting incident from your life or just to illustrate examples of funny everyday normal life. When you talk about yourself, be sure not to mention things that deviate too far from their interests or even excessive. You can let them know more about yourself over time.

8. Give the impression that you are both on the same team - Use words like "we, us" to quickly build a bond. When you use those words, you make it seem like you and they are on the same team, while others are in different teams.

9. Give them your best smile - When you smile at people, you convey the message that you like them and their presence bring you happiness. Smiling on them will cause them to realize to smile back at you that will directly build a relationship between you both.

10. Offer useful advice - Recommend a place to eat that once you visit, you can watch movies, good people they want to meet, the books you read, career opportunities or whatever you can think of. Explain what is interesting about the people, places or things mentioned. If you give enough ideas that interest them, they will find you when they need someone to help make decisions about what to do next.

11. Give them motivation - If the person you are dealing with younger or in a more difficult position than you, they might want to hear some words of motivation because you have more experience or you seem to live life well. If you want to have a healthy relationship with that person, you certainly do not want to look like you have it all while they are not. Reassure them that they can go beyond their problems and limitations, so they will hope to make you as a good friend to talk to.

12. Shown with the energy level a little higher than others - Generally, people want to be around people who will lift them up, instead of bringing them down. If you consistently have lower energy levels than others, they will naturally move away from you toward someone who is more energetic. To prevent this from happening, consistently show with voice and your body language that you have the energy level a little higher so they will feel more energized and positive to be around you. But you also should not be too much, causing energetic people look like powerless. Appropriate energy and passion to build their enthusiasm.

13. Their name in a fun way their ears - a person's name is one word that has a very strong emotional for them. But it's not necessarily how often you say someone's name, but rather how you say it. These things can be helped by the way you practice saying the person's name for a minute or two until you feel a strong emotional. When you mention the name of their more touches than anyone else they know, they will find that you was the most memorable.

14. Offer to undergo the relationship a step further - There are several things you can do to advance your friendship with someone: the offer to eat with them, talk over a cup of coffee, look at sporting events, etc.. Even if the person does not accept your offer, they will still flattered that you want them to live the friendship to a deeper level. On the one hand, they will look at you because you have the courage to build friendships not expect instant friendship.
Become A Skilled communicators

If you can develop a few of these techniques, you will dramatically improve your ability to relate to people from all walks of your life. Take time to observe the most social person in your life and you will see many of the above methods are applied. They do not do a rigid manner, they do it naturally and in ways appropriate to the situation at that time.

For best results, just relax and let the technique flows from within yourself naturally. Choose the techniques that best matches your personality and what your goals when interacting with people. Learn techniques to feel what fits or does not fit with the various characters and situations according to your kepridadian.

When you have developed your ability to communicate with people, it will take you on a lot of new opportunities that are not available to you before. That's the power of effective communication skills.