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Isnin, 10 Disember 2012

Dangerous Attitudes That Will Destroy Your Performance and Career

9 Offences Can Stop Your Self Development

When you try to grow, it is easy to fall more than once and make yourself hurt on the way to success, happiness, and all the things you want bags. Of course there are some holes in that you have to look and be careful of course.

Below are nine offenses often do when you're growing. I've done these offenses. Even more than once. :)

With me sharing this, my hope that you do not fall into the same hole as me.

Now let us discuss 9 offense:

1. Thinking Knowing That You Have Everything

This is a big problem and can stop your self-development for a long enough time. Thoughts like: "I understand how things work in this world. I do not need a salesman is to improve the quality of my life. They do not have anything new that they can offer. Only desperate people who need the book. This self-awareness only problem alone. "

This kind of thinking and attitude that will make you difficult to grow. When you read personal development books from authors such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy or Stephen Covey: you will realize very quickly that the best advice they provide is not entirely related to self-awareness. In fact, often the advice that they give a contradiction with the truth all these years we get from lessons-lesson in the school, the media and other people around us.

2. Matters turned By Train Going

Mindset as the first point above is not entirely wrong. There are many salesmen who offer a lot of things at you out there. And because the writer or the most successful motivational speaker understand how to communicate, there are plenty of high-pressure sales techniques that you can earn by reading marketing books. Techniques such as offering small packets and is free for consumers, or to say that there are only 500 of these offer similar products and only occurs one week.

But despite some marketing techniques tend seems very optimistic or aggressive, it does not mean the product offered does not have value. Distinguish between product sales techniques with ditawarakan.

According to me, start with the following brands, trademarks or products that have good reviews. Do a little research via google and find information about the product.

3. Not Taking Action

Think that by reading a book or blog will change your life automatically is confused state of mind. Knowledge without action will not return any results. And only you who can change yourself. Other people can give you advice, support, and motivation. But in the end, you must take action.

If you have a problem with taking action, often this is caused by fear, you need to visit this my site:

4. Surrender

When you experience failure first, second or third, you usually think "This is meaningless. This is me and I can not change. I have to get used to I think that I really like that. "
Do not give up. One or five or 20 failure will not add up in the long run. You have to fail so that you master something and growing.

5. Concern about or listen to the words of others

You may be afraid that people will react negatively to the changes you make, and they were inclined to do so. Perhaps they do so because they are afraid you will be away from them and will miss you forever. Or maybe they do not want you to change because the change will make them feel quietly in place. They may also give you some negative opinion of your self-development; know that all you do is useless, waste of time and real life is very different than it is written in the book.

If you find a dead end, it's probably because you feel you need the consent of the other person and you must begin to escape from the influence of these people. If not, you will forever live in the shadow of other people and you will never grow.

6. Experimenting With Your Own Way

Experimenting with material development yourself, not committed to learn or practice and develop consistently as part your daily life. Maybe you feel the change you are trying to do too difficult, or you do not qualify for, so you are not committed to do it.

Sulitkah made this change? Sometimes yes. But I feel that the growth had more positive than negative values, and I think that from the point of view of the public - people who are not following any program of self-development - given the impression that the people who are trying to make themselves look more development work hard, produce more money and time than if you look from the side of the person trying to do the change. Hard work is not something that is difficult if you feel you grow and love what you are doing.

What changes is entitled to do? Of course these changes better than other alternatives, just running fro every day and filled with anger, stress and lack of self-esteem.
The key to all things in life is consistency and patience. Berkomitmenlah for your progress.

7. Expectation has the unwarranted

This may be due to lack of information. Sometimes the amount of information and quality of information you have. When you first begin, you may find that just by reading a book will solve all your problems. Not have a clear idea of ​​what you can get will make you frustrated and like a loser without a good reason, until you finally give up.

One of the methods I use to remove myself from the situation is to develop the habit of "consuming" motivational material at any time, either in the form of books, blogs or audio CD. I build my own small library and filled with self-development for materials.

Hearing back from a CD-owned Andrie Wongso example not only got me motivated again, but also provided me with a solution for my problem. This habit - combined with action - will clarify things you wanted, what is the best method for you and all the opportunities and limitations in the development of your self.

8. Failure To Or Not intending to Understand Yourself

To change yourself, you do need to understand the processes that occur within yourself. How emotions work, work your ego, how experience and your familiarity can influence you. And what can you do about these things. How you can help yourself. Even if you are trying to change that part of yourself you really want to change.

So in my opinion, do not just stick to one teacher and one thought. Read a book or listen to other material derived from well-known authors to broaden your horizons and give you some solutions to your problems.

Try to be more introspective; unconscious processes that occur within you when you are angry, feel depressed, jealous or envious. Try to behave differently than you normally do.

From acting as you normally do, terapkanlah what you've learned to deal with your habit. If you fail - the same is the case with most people, paculah directly yourself - take the time to analyze why you feel or do negative actions.

If you do not have control over your actions, will be very difficult to help yourself and others. You will find a solution that is not effective, be enthusiastic, and eventually quit to continue to grow.

9. Not Taking Responsibility For Yourself

This is important. Do not blame others. You'll be able to do the changes.

That's 9 things that can hinder your personal growth and I am sure there are many other things ha. But I will add the points of others in other times.